24 May 2019

GDPR Salon 2019: Meet the new Belgian DPA

Brussels Privacy Hub is a media partner of the GDPR Salon 2019

On Friday 24 May 2019, exactly one year after the entry into force of the GPDR, the first annual GDPR Salon is the perfect occasion to present a status update on its implementation.

GDPR Salon: Meet the new Belgian DPA is a collaboration of the Privacy Salon, the Law, Science, Technology and Society (LSTS) Research Group of the VUB, LSEC (Leaders in Security) and the VVSG (Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten) will give you the opportunity to discover what's new on GDPR and ePrivacy. You will meet the new Belgian DPA and learn all about their strategy and policy. Questions and remarks from different stakeholders in both the public and private sector will be bundled and handed over to the new DPA, presenting themselves on the second edition. At this moment, you still have the opportunity to drop a question to the new DPA

In the morning, several national and international keynotes such as Prof. dr. Paul De Hert (VUB/co-director of the Privacy Hub), Simon Hania (DPO @Uber),  Philippe De Backer (Belgian Secretary of State for Privacy)  will give you an opportunity to discover the changes and challenges on data sharing companies and organisations have faced over the last year. A future perspective on these challenges will be presented by the new president, Hielke Hijmans, president of  Litigation chamber of the newly established DPA.

Next to a focus on public and private sector, afternoon tracks will give more insight into policies, procedures and technology, followed by panel discussions.

You can find all information on the programme and expert speakers on the GDPR salon website and become part of the annual gathering of DPOs and privacy professionals.


Time: 9:00 – 17:15

Venue: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Campus Jette. Laarbeeklaan103, 1090 Jette.



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