25 October  2018

ICDPPC 2018 Side Event

Digital Data Flows Master Class: Emerging Technologies

in Association with Future of Privacy Forum


Dr Christoper Kuner, VUB

Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum

Dr. Oliver Grau, Chair of ACM’s Europe Technology Policy Committee, Intel Automated Driving Group, and University of Surrey

Dr. Swati Gupta, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech, Assistant Professor

This program is aimed at regulators, policymakers, legislators and staff who want to more deeply understand the data driven technologies that are front of mind for data protection discussions.  Structured as an interactive lesson, technology experts will present a training course designed to equip data protection experts with a foundation to understand how data is deployed for machine learning, genetics, biometrics, connected cars, health research, facial recognition and ad tech.

This inaugural session will focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Attendees will be provided in advance with a copy of "The Privacy Experts Guide to Machine Learning" and will join leading machine learning experts for presentations geared at bringing the details of the technology to an audience without an in depth computer science background.  In addition to a primer on the basics of the field, issues of particular consequence to policymakers such as fairness, bias, and data minimization will be examined.

The organizers intend to offer additional sessions over a year, covering a range of technical topics. Sessions will be provided in person and will support remote participation. A certificate will be provided to those completing the full course.

Time: 14:30 – 15:50 (refreshments included)

Date: Thursday 25th October

Venue: Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Walking distance from the Hemicycle (venue of public sessions): 10 minutes

Registration:  The event is free to attend. Please note that given the nature of the programme,  priority registration will be confirmed for authorities and government employees. Subject to availability, registration will be confirmed for additional participants.   

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