20 February 2018

Putting a price on your invaluable private life? Personal data and the values behind

Lunchtime event co-organised by the EDPS and the Brussels Privacy Hub

Personal data undoubtedly have value for the many companies and public authorities that process them. They can help generating inestimable knowledge, as well as important economic benefits. Data subjects, however, seem to be generally unaware of the worthiness of the data that they accept to share, possibly inducing them to give it away somehow too lightly, accepting unfair transactions. Could a clearer perception of the values of data reinforce the protection of individuals? What is behind the concept of value? Price, fundamental rights, intimacy, control, are values that can hide behind data. Could the progressive tendency to accept the commodification of personal data go against the basic values on which are grounded European fundamental rights?


This event will open up a discussion on the values of personal data, bringing together different perspectives and stakeholders.


Damian Clifford, KU Leuven

Sari Depreeuw, Daldewolf

Géraldine Proust, FEDMA

Agustín Reyna, BEUC



Romain Robert (EDPS)


Gloria González Fuster (VUB)



Time: 12:30 - 14: 30 (lunch will be included)

Venue: EDPS, Rue Montoyer 30, 1000, Brussels, Belgium

Registration: The event is free to attend but capacity is limited, so registration is required.  The following information is required to access the EDPS, please complete the below registration form. Registrations have to be completed until 13 February 9AM. Due to security reasons registrations will no longer be possible after this point


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